"Back in 1984 I had a car accident which resulted in a massive head injury. This left me as a Left Hemiplegic; meaning no controlled movement on my Left side, no speech and major depression. Physically, through Rehabilitation I was able to get around by myself and control my left shoulder a bit; all other movement of the left side was uncontrollable, very limited or non-existent. I also achieved a very quiet, patchy speech pattern. After doing yoga 1 on 1 since 2006 I have found that everything has improved and is still improving. My speech, walking, general movement, making decisions and just LIFE IN GENERAL is quicker, easier and much improved. My teacher never asks me to do anything my body is not ready to do. Even though it may take some effort / thinking to remind the brain / muscles how to do whatever it is. I can’t remember how long ago I had, a major muscle spasm which were very frequent. I have also reduced my anti-depressant medication"

"Yoga Therapy has enabled me to recover from a back injury and return strengthened to play golf, swim, walk and be free from pain. The bonus has been that for a year, I have had a daily yoga practice something I have tried to do for 40 years of various weekly classes. The skill is in an individual program which changes as you improve. I look forward to more learning!"

"A 10 year old knee op, a 3 year old 'new' hip, old age creeping up, you'd think I'd be on the scrap heap. But no, because 5 years ago I had the sense to ask my yoga therapist to devise a simple set of exercises I could do every morning. Every joint in my body is exercised and the result is simple. I move freely, walk anywhere and feel great, even after lots of walking. No stiffness anymore!"

"The holistic and very individual tailored Yoga therapy I have been given for the last 4 years has given me such great benefits on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Looking back to the kind of person I was then, to the so much more healthy and balanced person I am now, I really am grateful to my yoga therapy journey. I was suffering from depression related to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, a very poor digestive system and my breathing capacity had been a low 50%. Over the years I have come to appreciate a continuously fine-tuned practice, which took into consideration my physical as well as emotional and mental limitations. Asanas where given to me in ways that I could manage. I progressively improved in gentle ways. Gradually my breathing got better. Through the practice of asanas, pranayama and incorporated vedic chanting, my practice has given me an overall stronger body, inner balance and serenity. My depression is now behind me. I enjoy life to its fullest, being able to breathe now deeply and strongly. My digestive system has improved. As each person is so individual in regards to health, Yoga Therapy is the perfect tool to achieve ultimate health and I am certainly continuing on this rewarding path"

"I started attending Yoga classes in the tradition of Krishnamacharya nearly four years ago, and rekindled my love of yoga. I’d had a break from Yoga for a few years, had kids and hadn't done a class for some time. I found this approach to be so well structured gentle, thoughtful and meditative while still working really hard. I approached my teacher to teach me more about this tradition. She observed my movements and created daily practices that slowly opened up my posture and toned my muscles without strain. When I'm in the zone and practicing the morning ritual of rising early and spending 20 minutes doing my practice, I'm physically stronger and the underlying philosophy permeates my mood for the rest of the day and it feels fantastic. My own journey through the past couple of years has been a slow unfolding of greater depth and meaning to the basic asanas that comes with mindfulness and moving with the breath, which for me, is the key teaching of yoga therapy. It’s been interesting watching my body stretch and slowly but surely achieve greater flexibility and ease of movement and how this then affects my moods and attitudes"