yoga therapy

 Yvonne Henderson, Yoga therapy study has positive results
MS Bulletin, March 2010

What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing system. Taught on an individual basis, it combines the many aspects of Yoga to assist the whole person rather than a condition or symptom.

As Therapy, Yoga encourages students to improve and maintain their own health and well being physically, mentally and emotionally. This is achieved by reducing symptoms, managing illness and stimulating the body’s own healing process.

As well as being beneficial as a daily practice, Yoga Therapy has proven to be one of the most effective complementary therapies.

It has been found to help multiple conditions, such as stress and anxiety, headaches, skeletal/structural problems, sleep and digestive disorders, hormonal irregularities, respiratory conditions and many more.

The techniques of yoga used include:

  • asana [body movements]
  • pranayama [breathing techniques]
  • bhavana [visualisation]
  • sound
  • mudras [gestures]
  • relaxation and meditation methods
  • dietary and life-style advice

who can benefit?

Yoga Therapy is suitable for anyone; for help with a minor ailment; as a complementary therapy to allopathic treatments for more serious conditions; for the healthy individual who wishes to maintain and improve their health; for the Yoga Practitioner who wishes to have a personal practice designed for their specific needs; or for those who wish to learn and practice Yoga privately.

It is non-invasive and always complementary – our work supports whatever current care and treatment is being provided by a client’s doctor or other health care professionals.

One-on-one tuition is highly recommended for anyone wishing to go beyond the possibilities offered in group classes. Through the guidance of an experienced Yoga Therapist, a personal home practice allows you to address your needs and to work more efficiently and effectively.

A home practice is tailored to the individual respecting their strengths, honoring their abilities, and addressing their unique needs.

A step by step adaptive approach integrates the practice into your lifestyle, and can thus be sustained through changing life circumstances. Committing to a personal practice improves self-confidence and creates independence.

In a series of private consultations, your needs will be discussed.

In the initial consultation a personalized yoga practice will be developed, after taking into consideration the information you have given. During this lesson you will be taught a practice, one that is tailored to suit your particular needs, capabilities, age, goals and life circumstances.

You will be provided with a diagram of the practice, clearly drawn in stick figures and given details of breathing, to guide your home practice.

> a minimum of 3 consultations = $200
> session 1: consultation & practice [90 mins]
> s
ession 2: review 1 week later [60 mins]
> session 3: development 2 weeks later [60 mins]

> ongoing sessions: refinement 1 month later $80 per hour

Cancellation policy
> a minimum of 24 hours notice required.
> less than 24 hours notice incurs full session fee.




yoga therapy


yoga therapy


yoga therapy